Lawn Care, a Memorandum to CRI Tenants

May 8, 2018

Beautiful lawns, tenant responsibility
Beatiful Lawns Equal Beautiful Houses

Lawn Care, a Memorandum to Our Tenants

Reminder from Mike Levine, Broker and Owner of Certified Real Estate Investments to tenants

Dear Tenant,

Lawn maintenance is the most difficult component of the landlord/tenant relationship to manage. Lawn management requires a direct effort that includes watering, mowing, edging, fertilization and pest control. Lawns are expensive. The management team here at Certified Real Estate Investments, Inc. sees expenses ranging from a low of $200 or $300 up to $3,000 or $4,000 when lawns require partial or total replacement.

No one wants to pay to replace a lawn. Landlords don’t want to pay for it. Tenants don’t want to pay for it. The only way to avoid the expense of lawn replacement is to regularly take care of the lawn. While water is expensive, lawn replacement is more expensive.

Please water your lawn. Please test your irrigation system and make sure that all of the irrigation heads are operational. Please pay attention to the condition of your lawn. When you notice the health of your lawn deteriorating, contact us. We want to assist you with lawn maintenance.

Lawn care companies do not effectively ensure the health of their customers’ lawns. Certified Real Estate Investments, Inc. has several properties serviced by lawn care companies. The management team at Certified Real Estate Investments, Inc. has come to the conclusion that the best way to support the health of the lawns under management is for the tenant, the occupant at the property, to apply weed and feed materials to the lawns.

The home improvement stores are helpful in educating consumers about the products necessary to optimize the health and wellness of lawns. The owner of your home and the management team at Certified Real Estate Investments, Inc. would greatly appreciate it if you would apply the appropriate weed and feed products, according to the specific grass variety that you have at your home, to the lawn. Your property manager is happy to assist you with the planning associated with product selection and best practices.

Homes require maintenance. Tenants who rent single-family homes, instead of renting an apartment, townhouse or condominium, must accept the responsibility of caring for their homes, within the parameters of the lease agreement.

Certified Real Estate Investments, Inc. always wants to refund one hundred percent of all tenants’ security deposits. Managing the lawn and landscaping is a giant step towards delivering the property to the owner at the time of move out. Please contact the Certified Real Estate Investments, Inc. management team when you want a preliminary walk-through of your home. The management team always wants to do everything possible to match landlord and tenant expectations.

Thank you for reading this memorandum. Certified Real Estate Investments, Inc. appreciates your business. The team at CRI specializes in housing alternatives. Please contact CRI when you are considering relocation. The CRI team is at your service.

Best Regards,
Mike Levine