Rent Houses Near Disney

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December 13, 2017

Rent Houses Near Disney

Rent Houses Near Disney for long-term occupancy while avoiding mistakes can be achieved. Neighborhoods near Disney comprise a fantastic area to call home. Long-term renting is an essential decision in Central Florida and everywhere. How to ensure you will choose the right property for you and your family?

Certified Real Estate Investments, your long-term rental company based in Clermont, Florida knows. With years of experience renting houses in the area of Four Corners in Florida, we have learned from mistakes made by past tenants. You can learn from them too!

Rent houses near Disney while avoiding mistakes. To achieve this goal, please read some valuable tips to keep in mind as you hunt for a rental home:

  • PAY ATTENTION TO SCHOOL ZONES: This is especially true if you have kids going to school. Find out what school belongs to the zone the rental property is. Find school ratings on the Internet and visit the school personally. Once satisfied, move ahead.
  • CONSIDER THE NEIGHBORHOOD: You want to make your life easy and add to the quality of your life. To accomplish that, services such as shopping, dining, and entertainment matter. The latter is easy in the area Certified Real Estate Investments serve. Disney parks, Universal Studios, Sea World and others are within a reasonable driving time.
  • APARTMENTS VERSUS SINGLE FAMILY HOMES: Nice pool homes easily entice some renters. Then they regret the inconveniences of having one. Pool maintenance, water bills, electric bills and other expenses associated with running a pool at home as well as a higher rental rate increase the family budget.  Also, single-family dwellings require exterior maintenance: lawn, pest control, and irrigation. You need to add these costs to the rental value. Some people prefer renting townhomes or apartments where these services have a lesser impact on the rent and exterior maintenance do not fall on the tenant. Ask yourself which one is for you before starting your search.
  • THE HOME SIZE YOU WILL NEED: Many tenants forget that higher square footage means more money every month. Do you need all the extra space? Is an office a need? Do not forget your electric bills and the need to clean and maintain a larger house. Carefully determine the reasonable size you need. Your budget may like it.
  • NO PETS PLEASE: This phrase is ubiquitous in advertisements for rental properties. It is understandable that property owners dislike the idea of having pets in their houses. Some tenants strive to find a home that will accept their loving pets. Make sure there is a pet addendum included in your lease. If the rental market is tight, finding a home can be a nightmare if you own a pet. Should you buy one or wait?
  • ADEQUATE PARKING: Be careful with this feature. In the Disney area, almost every subdivision has a homeowner association. Bylaws prohibit overnight parking on the streets. They also forbid commercial parking vehicles. Some renters find this out after moving to the rental property. Beware and investigate in advance.
  • CONSIDER THE WALK SCORE: Walk Score measures the walkability of any address using a patented system. For each address, walk score analyzes hundreds of walking routes to nearby amenities. So what is the walk score of the rental home? Is everyone a driver at your house? If not, find out rentals that are adequate for all members of your household. Near Disney, driving is a must.
  • WHAT ELSE? Well, there are many other things to consider. We at Certified Real Estate Investments recommend walking the home with considerable attention to details. Pay attention to the aesthetics. Is a property with carpet flooring for you? Are there decors you cannot stand? Can you compromise what comes with the home?

Use Certified For Your Rental Needs

The staff at Certified Real Estate Investment has plenty of experience accumulated throughout years managing and renting houses. When you work with one of our property managers, they will help you choose the right property. If you are looking to rent in the Four Corners area in Florida, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our website search shows different types of rentals and displays many of the features these homes have. Visit our search page to rent houses near Disney: we have Homes for rent in Clermont, Davenport, Kissimmee, Winter Garden and beyond. Find homes for sale too!

Rent Houses Near Disney